Limited edition stickers by Sandra Chevrier!

by Ken Harman

Sandra Chevrier limited edition sticker

We are excited to announce that Sandra Chevrier's new monograph, Cages, has just arrived from the factory and is now available for purchase!

To celebrate, we've produced a run of limited edition stickers which we are randomly inserting into orders. Each sticker measures approximately 8" x 10" and comes signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of only 250 copies.

These stickers will not be made available for individual sale and will only be given away, for free, to lucky collectors who purchase a copy of Sandra's new book directly from Paragon Books.

Odds of getting a free sticker included in your order are approximately 1:6. Stickers will be included in both current and pre-sale orders.

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Sandra Chevrier limited edition sticker


Sandra Chevrier limited edition sticker